This is the place to be for a registered nurse


Are you a registered nurse? Then you should seriously consider moving to this place!

Being a nurse is very rewarding but can make your life pretty hectic too. Your workdays are usually very long and after a day (or night) at work you can hardly feel your legs anymore. You constantly are running from one patient to the next. That’s why you often ask yourself: “Do I get paid enough for all the work I’m doing?” …

Well, if you are not happy with your current annual salary there might be a solution. You do have to be willing to move…out of the country. But when you do, there might be a dream job waiting for you out in Abu Dhabi.

Nurses there get paid $5,000 a month and if you relocate from outside of the UAE your new employer will get you a furnished place to stay as well. And if you suffer from a severe case of homesickness then they will even pay for a ticket back home once a year!

But why the generosity you ask? There’s a shortage of certified medical staff in Abu Dhabi so now hospitals are looking elsewhere to hire new employees.

Would you move to Abu Dhabi for a well paid job as a registered nurse?

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