YAAAS! There’s going to be a female-friendly Hooters restaurant!


Hooters is probably every man’s favorite spot to have lunch or dinner. But for us, (straight) women it’s not that exciting… Until now!

The famous American chain of restaurants called Hooters is know for the pretty waitresses who barely wear any clothes. Nothing wrong with that but why are there only half naked girls with tig ol’ bitties serving us our hot wings? Justice has been served, because there’s finally going to be a solution for that problem!

Hooters is opening a new restaurant where we will be served by hot half naked men!  Finally we can swoon over some sexy six packs while grubbing greasy food! Well, sort of…

In the new restaurant (which will be called Hoots and will open in Chicago) male as well as female servers will be wearing shirts, unfortunately. So, don’t expect to walk into a sexy Magic Mike-like scene, because no one will be half naked… Bummer!

Would you visit this new Hooters restaurant?

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