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Last week Emily from Glamvasion.com tagged me to do the 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty.
I’m so excited to do this post since it’s my first ever tag… So thanks again Emily for including me in this!!! 😊❤️

Usually you don’t really talk about your beauty sins but today I will be deadly honest with you guys. Because there are some things I’m not proud of and some things I probably shouldn’t have done…LoL
So here it goes…. ☺️:

1. Greed: What’s Your Most Expensive Beauty Item?
Last Christmas I treated myself to 2 new lipsticks. I know this might not seem as such an expensive item to some people but I had never bought a €35 lipstick. LET ALONE TWO OF THEM!!!
I decided to pick up:

1. YSL – Rouge Volupté Shine (no. 11 “Beige Instinct”)
2. YSL – Rouge Volupté (no. 1 “Beige Charnel/Nude Beige”)


2. Wrath: What Item Do You Have A Stong Love/Hate Relationship With?
I really hate liquid eyeliner!!!! Yeti Love the look it gives to your eyes…but I just can’t seem to make the perfect wing!!! It frustrates me when one wing seems to be higher or thinker than the other.
Recently I bought the E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen which is a little bit easier to use in my opinion.
Today was a good Eyeliner-Day for me though 😊


3. Gluttony: What Brand Takes Up Most Of Your Collection?
I think that must be E.L.F. Cosmetics…but M.A.C. is probably a close runner up.
I love M.A.C. products especially their eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes but I can’t always afford it.
That’s why I turn to E.L.F. Most of the time. Their products are of REALLY great quality and are so inexpensive that you can actually splurge every once in a while.
Here’s a small selection of my E.L.F. and M.A.C. collection:


4. Sloth: What Product Do You Ignore The Most Due To Laziness?
Definitely fake lashes!!!!! I love them but don’t always feel like putting them on. Actually I only put them on when I’m going out.
On a daily basis I just use the mascara-combo:





5. Pride: Which Product Gives You The Most Confidence?
I think lipstick makes a look and I feel naked without it. I usually go for a nude color because sometimes it’s not really appropriate to wear a bold lip color.
But when I do want my lips to stand out I go for colors such as M.A.C.’s Viva Glam Nicki, Rebel and Saint Germain.

(In the first 2 photos I’m wearing “St. Germain” and in the last one I’m wearing “Viva Glam Nicki”.


6. Lust: What Item Is At The Top Of Your List?
LoL… I guess this question is a combination between Greed and Lust because there are three things on top of my wish list that I want equally as much. If someone would force me to choose I couldn’t give them an answer. All I could say is: palettes!!!! I want palettes!!!! Gimme palettes!!!! THESE three palettes!!!!!!!!!

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Lavish Palette


2. Urban Decay – Naked 3 Palette

3. Make Up For Ever – Arty Blossom Palette


7. Envy: Which Makeup Product/Look Looks Great On Others But Not On You?
As much as I like bright pink blushes….I just can’t seem to pull it off without looking like this:


I had so much fun doing this tag! I hope to be tagged more often in the future!!! (hint hint…. Hahaha)
Glamvasion.com thank you again for the tag!!

So now it’s time for me to do the tagging ….
I tag:

1. Tiffany Ann
2. Style Face Beauty
3. Joice
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5. For Vanity’s Sake

I hope you guys had as much fun reading this post as I had writing it. Have you done this tag also? leave me a note or comment with the link to your tag post! I’d love to read about your “sins” 😉
Also for you who haven’t done the tag and came across mine…feel free to do it too!!!


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  1. emfac13 January 28, 2014

    Love your answers! The Anastasia Beverly Hills Lavish Palette looks amazing, such pretty colors.

    • deborahsaysbeauty February 2, 2014

      Yes it’s on top of my list LoL. It’s the kind of palette you can take with you when traveling…since all the colors you need are in there!!! ❤️ It!!!


  2. TheGreatZambini February 3, 2014

    I love the Urban Decay Naked palette colors, I’ve been eyeing that one for awhile now 🙂 I have the same problems with eyeliner as well!

  3. NaomiSFB February 20, 2014

    Hey Deborah I created a response to the tag! 🙂 Read here: http://stylefacebeauty.com/2014/02/20/tag-the-7-deadly-sins-of-beauty/


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