This sponge is the new musthave in your makeup collection


The internet is going crazy over this silicone sponge which is rumored to be the next best thing in your makeup collection. This weird looking tool is said to change your views on makeup application.

If you are a makeup addict you can’t skip this new hype. The SiliSponge is causing some serious buzz on the internet and looking at the pictures I totally get why.

The silicone sponge looks like one of those breast-enhancing chicken cutlets but instead of putting them your bra you can apply your make up with it.

The applicator not only saves you time and lots of soap (because you don’t have to wash your hands after putting on your foundation),but  it also helps your products to last longer. Because of its slippery surface the SiliSponge doesn’t absorb your makeup like brushes and other sponges do.


Are you sold on this new sponge yet? Then head over to Molly Cosmetics’ website. There you can buy the sponge  for only $14.90 (well … when they re-stock because unfortunately right now Molly Cosmetics is out of SiliSponges. However, if you really want it you can pre-order so you don’t have to miss out the next time they’re in stock.

Do you already own this new SiliSponge?

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