Sephora has opened a mega store in NYC!


Great news for makeup-lovers! Sephora has opened a ginormous new store (the largest in North America) in which you’ll probably want to blow all your savings!

With almost 12.000 square feet the new Sephora store in NYC will be the biggest the retailer has ever opened. Not only will you find your holy grail makeup items there, but the new store on 34th Street also has a lot of new features.

The Beauty Board for instance… This new feature lets you copy your favorite Instagrammers’ makeup looks. So now you know exactly which products IG-stars like Jaclyn Hill, Marina Rumppe and Nikki Tutorials use to create their beautiful makeup looks.

Another new feature is the Tap & Try Station, where you can virtually try on makeup you’ve never used before. So that means that we never have to walk out of the store with 1001 different swatches of eye shadow or foundation on our hands and faces!

As if that’s not enough your new favorite one-stop-beauty-shop has a so-called Skin Studio where you can get a special facial treatment. No treatment is the same because they examine your face first to determine which products are best for your type of skin.

Also, the new store has an awesome place called the Fragrance Studio where you can try on different fragrances and where you can have someone wrap your purchases for you. Can we get an ‘Amen’ for the new Sephora mega store?!

Look at the SIZE of this store!! 34th Street- largest in North America. Clients are going to love it!!

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There’s also news for Dutch Sephora-lovers: the store is likely to come back to The Netherlands! The chain of cosmetic stores is working together with a German department store, called Galeria Kaufhof (which is part of Hudson Bay). It’s said that Hudson Bay is ready to concur The Netherlands and what better way than to bring back our beloved Sephora?!  When and where exactly is still unknown though…

Have you been to the new Sephora store on 34th Street in NYC yet?


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