So this is the reason why being patient seems almost impossible!


Being patient sometimes seems like rocket science. You always wonder how some people manage to stay so calm and friendly in some situations…

Do you get annoyed while waiting for someone who’s late for a meeting? Or do you get agitated when someone on the subway is complaining about how crowded it is (while they are sitting down and your face is pushed up against the dirty foggy window)? Well let me tell you… You are not alone! There are millions of people who share your impatience in these situations.

Research by Dutch magazine Psychologie Magazine has shown that it’s not weird at all that we get annoyed so easily these days, since our schedules are getting busier by the day. Most people can’t deal with this thing called ‘interpersonal patience’… you know, staying calm while being annoyed by that slow driver in front of you, or that friend that is constantly nagging about the same thing.

In the article Psychologie Magazine is letting us know why it’s so difficult for us to stay patient. According to the researchers it depends on how busy you are in your day to day life. When your mind is overflowing with appointments and stuff that you still need to do today, the more likely it is that you have a low level of self-control and chances are that you might not be so patient.

There were 378 people who took the poll that was released on and the conclusion was that these are the situation that test our patience the most:


  1. People who keep talking but not making a point (66%)
  2. People who are slow (eg. pedestrians) (58%)
  3. People who nag too much (44%)
  4. When you fail in trying to make or repair something (42%)


So next time a situation gets on your nerves, know that you are definitely not the only one. Maybe it’s time to clear out your busy schedule and take some time off…

Are you a patient person? And what irritates you the most? 

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