YouTube Beauty Videos: ♥ May Favorites ♥



I have been an avid YouTube beauty-guru follower. At one point I even thought about trying to do it myself but I couldn’t seem to get used to talking to 1000’s of people who aren’t even there… I felt kind of ridiculous  LoL

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Girl…Get Your Curly Sue On!!!!


As a product of a relationship between two people from different cultures (and continents LoL), I have had my fair share of really bad curly hair days. I bet a lot of you can relate to the poodle/scarecrow/Diana Ross hairdo’s I have had over the years!

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☼ Polish in the Sun ☼


Today was such a pretty day! And what better than to spend it with the ones you love?! My “BFF” (do people still still use that term anyway?) and I enjoyed the nice weather with mani/pedis and Bacardi/Cokes in the sun. 

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