Celebrity Twitter-Feud Alert: Nicki Minaj vs. Farrah Abraham


Have you seen the first episode of Teen Mom? Apparently Nicki Minaj did too!

In last week’s episode Farrah lashes out on her mother, who she asked to look after her daughter Sophia while she goes to London for her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother UK.
Farrah lets het mother, Debra, know that she has rules and she needs to obey them. The tone of her voice and harsh words not only make Debra cry but even Sophia checks Farrah and says: “You are having a bad attitude!
But not even Sophia’s strict words can stop Farrah.

When Nicki saw this footage she took to Twitter:

When one of Nicki’s followers commented on Sopia’s reaction, Nicki replied:

Farrah then quickly jumped to her own defense but the former American Idol judge didn’t leave it at that. She responded to Farrah’s tweet, saying:

Farrah responded one last time …

and then posted a screenshot of Nicki’s tweets on Instagram, captioning:

Some people should just shut up… Like they see all the footage- like their parents… Like I care about their negativity #godbless busy making tv

What did you think of Farrah’s outburst on TV? And do you think Nicki should have reacted om Twitter like that?


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