This is when the new iPhone 8 will be released!

iphone 8

Good news for Apple-fans: the brand has released images for the new iPhone 8 and a date later this year on which it will be available in stores!

Apple-junkies around the world have been waiting an anticipation for the new iPhone 8. It’s believed to be a special one because the new phone will mark the 10th anniversary of the famous smartphones. And what better way to celebrate a 10-year anniversary then with a totally new design!

Apple supposedly is launching a phone with an all-glass display and curved design. And that’s not even the most awesome part… The iPhone 8 doesn’t need wires to charge anymore and it will even be able to recognize your face!

What a lot of people will need to get accustomed to, though, is that the Home Button won’t be present on the front of the device anymore.


So what will the iPhone 8 look like then? Well, there are a few pictures that are making wave on the web. They are said to be the first photos of this new Apple-phone:

The iPhone 8 is said to be released in September of this year and will be available in Gold, Rose Gold White, Silver and Jet Black. The price of the phone will be around $750/€700.

What do you think of the new iPhone 8 and are you going to get one when it comes out? 

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