This beauty vlogger used mouthwash to get rid of dandruff


It seems like nowadays everything is used for beauty purposes. Nothing is too crazy and as long as it gives us a smashing look, we’re down! Even that mouthwash that’s hanging out on your bathroom counter is a holy grail.

According to Canada-based beauty vlogger, Farah Dhukai, mouthwash isn’t just good for our oral health. She claims that it is also the best way to getting rid of dandruff.

🌨GET RID OF DANDRUFF FAST!❄️ All you need is ORIGINAL Listerine! Yes the mouthwash 💦 ❣In a spray bottle, fill it half with Listerine and half with water. Shake it up! ❣AFTER you shampoo and condition your hair, spray the mixture onto your SCALP only! ❣let it sit on ur scalp for a few mins ❣wash out with water (do not shampoo) Your scalp will feel tingly, cool and refreshed and it will be dandruff free!! #sofreshandsoclean #fresherthanyou 💡listerine has menthol, thymol, eucalyptol and methyl salicylate – all which make it an anti-fungal, anti-septic and and anti-inflammitory and PERFECT for getting rid of dandruff.💡 #diy #hudabeauty #vegas_nay #wakeupandmakeup #brian_champagne #makegirlzvid #laurag_143 #hairmakeupdiary #makegirlz #liveglam #makeupvideos #makeupclips #makeupcoach #hairmakeupdiary #diytop

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Farah is known for her weird DIY beauty tricks which she shares on her website, YouTube-channel and on Instagram. She swears by products like almond oil, turmeric powder and rosewater. And now she’s wants us to spray mouthwash in our hair.

I’m going to give it a try and see if this trick really works.

Have you tried Farah Dhukai’s mouthwash trick yet? Did it work for you?

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  1. Anonymous November 6, 2016

    Yes this really works! I have have been doing it for years! Used to have really itchy scalp.


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