Have you seen McDonald’s new Cherry Blossom Float yet?!

Cherry Blossom Float McDonalds

Forget Starbucks’ #pinkdrink… McDonald’s pretty new drink, the ‘Cherry Blossom Float’, will dominate your life ánd Instagram-feed soon!

If, like me, you were obsessed with Starbucks’ #pinkdrink that was making name for itself on Instagram… You are in for a treat, my friend!
With Spring in sight McDonald’s Japan has created an even prettier pink drink that will make your mouth water and your Instagram-feed all girly. The new Sakura McFloat (also known as the Cherry Blossom Float) is almost too pretty to drink!

The carbonated drink, which is available through april, contains Sato Nishiki (a.k.a. cherry) juice and is topped with delicious vanilla ice cream. Don’t like ice cream? No worries because you can also order this pretty pink beverage without ice cream in it.

McDonalds in Japan tho… 💕🌸👅💖

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That white girl shot of the super cute Sakura drink from @mcdonaldsjapan

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Sakura cherry drink from McDonald's Japan🌸🍒 #mcdonaldsjapan #sakura #HungryTrendyTokyo

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Hopefully this cup of pinkness will be a huge hit, so that other McDonald’s locations will add it to their menu’s as well!

What do you think of McDonald’s new Cherry Blossom Float? 

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