Manifesting: What it is and prove that it works!


When you have heard of the law of attraction, you have probably heard of manifesting also. Today I will tell you what manifesting is and how I have accomplished to manifest things into my life! 

What is manifesting?

The simplest way to explain what manifesting is: intentionally creating what you want. However, with that you probably still have no clue what it actually means to manifest something into your life.

If you remember last week’s post about the 5 Best Law Of Attraction Books To Read you remember I was talking about thoughts creating your reality. What I meant by that was that every little thing you think about (good or bad) will somehow become real.

For example: you wake up and when you step out of bed you trip over a pair of jeans you threw on the bedroom floor the night before. You start yelling and screaming stuff like “F*ck! What a horrible day this is!” or “Ughh!!! I hate Mondays! Everything always goed wrong on Mondays!”. What most people don’t know is that by saying or even thinking those things you actually set the tone for the rest of your day.

Your thoughts are energy, YOU are energy…. Heck everything around us is energy! So when you think of the saying “Like Attracts Like” it’s not so weird to hear that negative thoughts attract negative things or experiences, right?

How do you manifest?

Manifesting isn’t that hard to do if you know how to do it. No, I’m not an expert, but I have manifested some things into my life. The way I did it was by writing down in detail what I wanted. I would envision what it would be like when the thing I wanted so badly would finally be manifested in my life. I imagined what it would feel like, how it would smell, how I would feel having it, and so on. It became like some sort of ritual I did everyday before I went to bed.

At the same time I was pretty content with the way my life was at that moment. What the manifesting did was that it gave me a certain feeling, a state of being so to say, that unconciously led me into to right direction. Leading me to the thing I wanted so badly in my life.

How manifesting worked for me

Now, you’re probably wondering what I have manifested into my life. Today I will tell you the story about how I manifested my current apartment into reality:

Back in 2011 I was living in a way too expensive townhouse. I was struggling and working myself into loads of debt. When in April of that same year things got really bad, I was forced to sell my house. Fortunately it was sold within two (yes TWO) weeks, but that meant I had to find a new roof over my head in like two to three weeks.

For those of you who don’t know about the housing situation in Amsterdam and surrounding areas: that’s practically impossible unless your bank account loves you very much. Since mine broke up long before I sold the house I had trouble finding a new place. Not only was the amount of debt trippled, I wasnt making enough money to afford one of those expensive ‘chicken coops’ (a.k.a. apartments) in Amsterdam. What I really wanted was an apartment big enough for me and my dog. I didn’t want a multiple story home anymore. Just a simple apartment would do just fine.

That same week, someone I had met online gave me the tip that would literally change my life for good. He told me to look at this company’s website because they rented out affordable (yet crappy) apartments. After browsing their website for a couple of minutes, I realized they only had properties available in Rotterdam. But nonetheless my attention was drawn to this cute looking building. There were no pictures of the inside but I decided to give them a call to see if it was still available. The phonecall lasted no longer that three minutes, but I hung up with an appointment to go see it three days later.

In the car on my way to the apartment I had the strong feeling I was going home. Finally inside, the apartment looked like it was about to collapse on me. It was the crappiest place I had ever seen but I was still convinced it was where I needed to be. Two weeks later, on July 10th 2011, I moved in…

But hold on… That wasn’t the apartment I wanted to tell you guys about. The moment I moved into that tiny apartment I started visualising my perfect living space. My tiny apartment was exactly what I needed at the time but it was missing a couple of things. It didn’t have a central heating system and the first winter was hell on earth.

So I started visualising newer, more updated apartment with central heating and a little more space for me and Tommy (my dog). I went on with my life in my tiny apartment but slowly started to feel that it was more like a transitioning place. It would later indeed turn out to be the place in which I transitioned from my old townhouse into my current little palace.

In the months following I felt the urge to apply for other apartments. No one ever called me back or sent me any reply to my applications. Until one day when I opened my email to find an invitation to come and take a look at the apartment I had applied for a week earlier.

The day of the appointment started out great and I couldn’t wait to go see the property.

Chances were big that I would be visiting my future home, you know! But when I arrived my buble got bursted before I even stepped foot into the building. The realtor told me it was a rental for elderly people and that she didn’t know how I got invited. You could really tell she felt bad about the whole misunderstanding and quickly came up with (what she thought was) a consolation prise. She remembered they had another apartment that had been vacant for a while, right around the corner.  And so the realtor set up an appointment for me to go see the other apartment an hour later.

You probably already guessed it… It’s my current apartment. I have been living here since September 15th 2013 and still to this day can’t believe I live in the apartment I, myself, have manifested into my life. It’s the 2-bedroom apartment I have been visualizing. Almost down the same exact floorplan i had in mind!

So now you see that manifesting does actually work. If you know how to visualize and be greatful for what you already have.

What have you manifested into your life?


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  1. -D. Edwards August 21, 2017

    Love this! great post, currently playing around with visualising my desires at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

    • deborahsaysbeauty August 21, 2017

      That is so awesome. Keep focusing on the feeling. What kind of feeling will the things that you want to manifest give you? Try to go back to feeling that a couple times a day. I usually focus on it in the morning and right before I go bed. Keep me updated on the progress, though! We can learn from each other! ☺

      • -D. Edwards August 21, 2017

        I will do! Thanks for the advice, appreciate it.

  2. Christi August 21, 2017

    I love to read manifestation stories! I also have manifested a great apartment that I love and want to stay in!
    Thank you for sharing your story!


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