Manicure Monday: O.P.I – My Vampire Is Buff


Even though I felt so horrible and didn’t do anything this weekend, I DID do my nails yesterday evening though.

I chose O.P.I’s My Vampire Is Buff. It’s a sort of eggshell color which I guess represents “the skin tone of a vampire” LoL…
I think this color looks gorgeous on darker skin tones. I wouldn’t wear this if you have like a porcelain skin tone because it will make you look even more pale or it will look like your skin tone and nails have the same color….

As always, I used my regular base/top coat combo (see previous MM-posts). Like all O.P.I. polishes it lasts for about 3 to 4 days.

OPI - My Vampire Is Buff review

What color were you in the mood for this week?

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  1. skyannamystic February 11, 2014

    Hi, I love you blog and I have nominated you for Liebster Award !
    Here is the link :

    Check my blog out and follow if you like it maybe?
    Thank You
    Lovely blog

    • deborahsaysbeauty February 11, 2014

      Hey girl!

      Thank you for the nomination. I have received nominations and did a whole post on it a while ago.
      Would love to do a post on your questions though 🙂
      Congrats on your nomination too btw!!!
      Love your blog too!



  2. Cliona February 14, 2014

    That looks like a really nice colour nail polish!


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