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It’s been a while since I’ve posted my last blog post. I thought I was being spared this year but unfortunately I caught the flu. And it was BAD. I’ve been on another planet for at least a week…I was SO out of it!! 😔

The beginning of last week I already started feeling better and, even though I knew I would hardly be out of the house, I felt the need to paint my nails.
As you can see in the picture I wasn’t feeling a 100% yet. My nails are not as neat as they should’ve been… So be easy on me, people…I did the best I could in my condition!!! Hahaha

Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

I chose a very bright and happy blue color. I bought this polish about a year ago at H&M when I was obsessed with blue nails…
Blue nail polish has a pretty look when worn with a cute dress, sophisticated with a dressy outfit and also sassy with jeans, tank top and leather jacket…
H&M Nail Him What I don’t like about this nail polish (and all the other H&M polishes) is that they start to chip after one or two days. I’m someone that doesn’t want to change nail colors every (other) day, so with these polishes be prepared for a lot of touch ups…But overall I love the color and it also dries pretty fast.
The price for this polish is very decent. I paid around €3 or €4 for it.

BH Cosmetics Spring Makeup

What do you think about blue nail polish? And what was your choice of color this week?


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  1. Love the color.

  2. TheGreat Zambini March 3, 2014

    I hope you get better soon! I tend to love the kinds of colors they put in clothing stores, but I haven’t found a polish that doesn’t come off in a few days yet. I usually stick to real polishes I find at Ulta or other cosmetic stores and get smaller bottles, like the petites line, or just buy mid range polishes at $3 on average. Or I go to and get $1 small high quality polishes if I want to buy a ton so shipping is free!

  3. TheGreat Zambini March 5, 2014

    Wow, importing really does raise prices! That makes sense, I get a lot of my beauty products from South Korea, and it costs quite a bit more that way… but it works so well! I live to buy from Amazon, they add a lot of nice incentives and are pretty painless to work with. That’s where I buy all my textbooks 🙂 I really like their whole brand, it’s usually good quality, which works if you don’t paint your nails everyday or have really long talons.

  4. fashionourlove March 9, 2014

    Beautiful color! Perfect for spring!


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