This is how you can make your kids eat healthy!


It’s a huge challenge to make your kids eat what’s on their plate. Most children don’t really like veggies and only want to eat the ‘ yummy’  stuff. But this mom has the perfect solution to make your little ones eat all the greens they need to stay healthy!

Laleh Mohmedi’s son was one of those kids that didn’t like eating anything green, orange or anything else that contained vitamins. So Laleh needed to be creative to keep little Jacob healthy and started to create Disney figures with food to make it look more appealing to Jacob.

It was a huge success and Laleh decided to post her artwork on Facebook. She got so many positive comments that she came up with the idea for an Instagram account called ‘Jacobs Food Diaries‘ . Thanks to all the cute and clever creations it already has more than 69.000 followers!

Laleh also started a blog, called Jacob’s Food Diaries, where she shares her full recipes. So if you have kids who don’t like to eat their much needed veggies, head over to this super handy website!

What tricks do you use to make your kids eat veggies?

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