Mackin’ with M.A.C … (my most used products)


After hearing so many beauty-gurus raving about M.A.C Cosmetics I finally gave in last year. They really didn’t lie!!! Their products really are different than any other product I’ve tried so far!

Especially their Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 foundation (I’m a NW40). I just ran out of my bottle and have to get a new one. But this foundation gives me the perfect coverage without looking like I have a mud mask on my face.. LoL

One of my two biggest M.A.C obsessions must be with their blushes. They really look nice on any skin color. My favorite ones for my complexion are:

– Dollymix
– Peaches
– Pinch Me
– Plum Foolery

My everyday go-to blush is Peaches. It’s a nice peach color which gives my cheeks a little glow. I don’t like my cheeks to be too outspoken when going to work or class. For a night out I like to wear Dollymix. It’s a hot pink color but when you put it on your cheeks it’s not as intense as it looks in the packaging. The other two colors are a plum color. And I usually use them during the winter and fall.


After seeing two M.A.C mascaras in a big department store here in Rotterdam… I kind of got curious about how they would work. The salesman told me that these two were the best according to him. So I decided to buy them and try them out.

The first one was Plush Lash. At first I thought it’s brush would do wonders on anyone’s lashes but when I tried it out it make my lashes look clumpy. Which I think is perfect if you go out at night but not so much for an everyday look.

The second one I bought was Haute & Naughty Lash. Now this is an awesome mascare. It has 2 brushes. The fist one defines your lashes without being too dramatic looking. While the other one elongates and thickens them without making them look clumpy.
If I had to suggest a M.A.C mascara it would definitely be this one!!!


I have heard so many women talk about the next two products. I had to go and pick them up and try them out myself.

The Mineralized Charged Water: Revitalizing Energy is the go-to product for a nice supple looking skin. The salesman told me to use it on a clean face before applying moisturizer. The product enlivens, revitalizes and energizes the skin and makes it look more radiant. It also smells great because of the green tea and citrus extracts. but the best thing about this product must be that it contains pure diamond powder….and what girl doesn’t like Diamonds?! =))


I haven’t tried many make up finishing/setting products before. In fact the Fix+ was my first ever. I found it to be a great setting spray which protects your make up from running out or fading throughout the day. It also makes your skin look radiant and reduces the cakey look.


Over all I am hooked on M.A.C products. Almost every single one of their products work amazing on my skin and tone. They have products for the lightest and darkest skin tones. So I promise you will find something that will do magic for you and you will get just as hooked as I am. So let me welcome you to the M.A.C family upfront! =)

What are your favorite M.A.C. Cosmetic products?



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  1. Must Have Boxes June 8, 2013

    I love these MAC products. Great picks!

    – KW

    • deborahsaysbeauty June 8, 2013

      Thank you, KW!
      I absolutely love M.A.C products. Do you recommend any other products? I’m always open to suggestions.


      xoxo Deborah

  2. theageofcharm December 14, 2013

    I think mac is one of the best product line, but i havent really tried anything in it.. I think Fix spray is the best product
    Come and follow us:

    • deborahsaysbeauty December 14, 2013

      Thank you for your comments! M.A.C. is my absolute favorite but it’s a little bit expensive so I can’t always buy something from their collection. I really like E.L.F. as an alternative. If you haven’t tried it yet I really suggest you do so! 🙂
      I really like your blog! Keep up the good work and please return the favor by following my blog also!


      xoxo Deborah

      • theageofcharm December 14, 2013

        I will keep up with you, Deborah.. Im very interested in meeting new people all around the world who loves makeup, fashion and ect

        Have a great weekend


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