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The holiday season is here and that means … PRESENTS! Even I f there isn’t anyone that’ll buy you nice stuff, there is a way to still get them! I’m here to share with you HOW YOU CAN GET those brand makeup items you’ve always wanted … But for discount prices!!!

Since I’m a huge makeup junkie, I recently treated myself to a few new items from Brigette’s Boutique and decided to do a haul for you guys!

Brigette's Boutique

Two weeks ago I stumbled across this webshop called Brigette’s Boutique. It’s an online store that sells brand makeup at discounted prices. They carry brands like M.A.C. Cosmetics, NARS, Makeup Forever and Benefit. If you really take the time to look at the website you can find pretty amazing deals on there.

I have treated myself to 5 new babies to add to my makeup collection:
MAC NARS www.brigettesboutige.com
1. NARS – Endless Night (nail polish) $5.95
2. M.A.C. – Antiqued (eye shadow)
3. M.A.C. – Hang Up (creamsheen lipstick) $16.00 sold out
4. M.A.C. – Japanese Maple (creamsheen lipstick) $16.00 sold out
5. M.A.C. – Peachstock (satin lipstick) $18.00

The polish I bought is a color very much like O.P.I.’s “Lincoln Park After Dark”.
NARS’s “Endless Night” is a very dark purple color. You’d almost think it’s black-ish.
I’d describe it as a very dark aubergine (eggplant) color. I really love the color but if it wasn’t for the discount I’d probably just stick to my beloved “Lincoln Park After Dark”. NARS Endless Night

After wandering on the website for about an hour, I decided to pick up two nude lipsticks and one bold color. MAC-Japanese Maple-Hang Up-Peachstock Japanese Maple, Peachstock and Hang Up

MAC-japanese maple-hang up-Peachstock

It’s also a huge plus that when you sign up for their newsletter, they update you when new products are in store. They also send you emails with discount codes on a regular basis! And let’s be honest, lovelies…

So live a little and treat yourself to some nice products this Xmas!

What makeup products have you been treating yourself to this holiday season? 


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  1. Tashi Skervin December 26, 2014

    Hang up is such a beautiful colour! I think I may have to make a purchase x


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