Girl…Get Your Curly Sue On!!!!


As a product of a relationship between two people from different cultures (and continents LoL), I have had my fair share of really bad curly hair days. I bet a lot of you can relate to the poodle/scarecrow/Diana Ross hairdo’s I have had over the years!

It’s definitely an ongoing process to find the perfect product for mixed hair. I have tried almost every product on the market from black hair products to ones for every type of hair.
After trying a few products I sometimes find a product that works for me but after a while it stops working its magic on my hair….and then the search continues…AGAIN!!

After using Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion (I’ll write another review on this) for almost two years, I now have found a perfect combination that works for me.


1. BB Oil Moisturizer
2. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Dream Curls Styling Spray

So here’s what I do to get luscious curls….
After washing and conditioning I evenly apply about 2 tablespoons of BB Oil Moisturizer to my wet hair. Then I spray the John Frieda product on it…focussing on the bottom half. Then I give it all a good rub and comb it through.
You can now let it air dry or blow dry it using a diffuser. Do not blow dry it completely dry though for it will become a little frizzy again. And we are trying to stay AWAY from that big hair 80’s-look, girls!!! 😉

Now put on your sunscreen and a pretty dress and and show off your beautiful curly hair to the world, sistah!!!

Did this work for you? Or do you prefer other products for mixed hair? Share your thoughts with me…




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