FACT: Women absorb male DNA after having sex!


If you ever wonder why you just can’t get over your ex, this might be the reason!

Say hello to your ex!

Ughhh … remember that guy you had a one night stand with but who turned out to be the biggest douche on the planet? Well, he’s still very present in your life even though you’ve banned him out of your mind. Reseachers claim that a guy’s DNA stays inside the female body after they had sex.

Who’s your DNA daddy?!

The reseachers found out that women carry parts of DNA from every man they have ever been with. Which means that our kids could possess genes from ALL our previous sexual partners. How creepy is that?!

That sounds pretty disturbing but don’t panic just yet. Your baby will still be yours and the person you’re with at the moment. So no need to become celebate because sex is still fun. It is also said to be the cure to many things such as migraines.
This news is just all the more reason to practice safe sex!

Did you know you still carry your ex’s DNA with you?




  1. Claire (@clairebeary94) July 10, 2017

    lol, that’s interesting, sorta scary too hahahha.

    • deborahsaysbeauty July 10, 2017

      Haha I know! Scary is an understatement!!


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