DIY Fashion Statement Ring. Prepare to be stealing the show…EVERYWHERE!!! ;)


Want to know how you can make your own statement rings? This is how! 

Today is not one of my best days. I’m in bed with the flu feeling worthless. But never too worthless to blog!!
So here I am with something AMAZING to share with you – while watching The Big Bang Theory 😉 !!!

This past weekend I felt like scratching my crafty itch. I was sorting out my closet (i am moving to a new apartment next month!! Whoohoo) and found an old belt with golden metal leaves. My fist thought was to throw it away and don’t bring it with me to my new place then I thought “This would make an awesome ring! If only I knew where to buy such a thing at an affordable price!”…and suddenly a great idea was born!

I knew I had all the things I needed already to make the ring so stopped being boring (by sorting out clothes) and put on my artsy pants!

Here’s what you need to make a stunning statement ring by yourself:

Image1. An old belt, brooche, hair clip/pin, or any ornament you think would make an amazing ring.


2. An adjustable ring base that fits your ornament best. I used a golden base since the leave is golden too. I got 100pcs for about $6 at DH Gate. I know a hundred pieces sounds a bit much but imagine if you have 100 super cool rings you made yourself!!!! How nice would THAT be?!

3. A pin or scissors to open a tube of glue with (if necessary)

4. Super glue

5. Pincers



– Take the pincers and carefully take off an old base of the ornament. Be careful not to break the beautiful piece you want to use! If necessary smooth out the places where the old base was situated.


–  Take your ornament and place it faced down on the table and put a little bit of glue on the spot where you want the ring base to be. Then take the base and press it down firmly on that spot. If needed put an extra drop of glue over the part of the base that is touching the ornament.


– Now let it dry. I left it laying on the table overnight to make sure it really was dry and secured.  If you haven’t put an extra drop of glue on the base you could also hold it together with a clothespin while letting it dry.

This little Rainy-Saturdays-Activity got me a roll! I think I might visit a thrift store this week and see if they have any good brooches or clip-on earrings and make some new finger jewelry from them. 🙂 CAN’T STOP ME NOW!!!!!!

You can also watch the DIY tutorial on YouTube:

Here’s the finished result… let me know what you think and if you have made a statement ring yourself…please share a picture! I’d love to see them!

Have a very crafty day, my friends! 🙂





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