This is how much it costs to live like Mariah Carey


If you thought it was easy being Mariah Carey…think again. Not only does she have lots of obligations but her costs of living are outta this world!

Here are a few of Mariah’s bills that she has to pay:

Looking as good as Mimi comes with a ‘small’ price tag. She has a whole team on speed dial and according to TLC she spends $9,600 on her hair, $7,000  on makeup and $2,400 on a manicure. Nope… those aren’t monthly bills…Mariah drops those numbers before each appearance!!!>

Apartment in NYC:
In 1999 Mariah bought herself an awesome piece of property for a mere $9 million in New York City. The triplex penthouse has stunning views of Central Park so it’s probably gone up in price since then…

Rental Home:
When your name is Mariah it’s just not done to rent a 2 bedroom apartment in a mediocre neighborhood. That’s why Ms. Carey is renting a $250,000 home complete with eight bedrooms, a wine tasting room, a sauna, an elevator and a movie theater.

Dinner in Hollywood:
Lots of famous people love to wine and dine at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood and Mariah sure is one of them! She can easily spend up to $1,500 per  visit because she loves dishes like filet mignon and truffle Bolognese. She also can’t have a meal without a few glasses of Dom Perignon which cost about $440 per bottle.

Yacht in Capri:
You can’t be like Mariah without a  jaw-dropping luxurious yacht. Mimi loves to just hang out on the ocean so she charted a ‘floating villa’ this past summer for $340,000. Not a bad way to cruise along the Italian coastline, right?!

Airfare to Las Vegas:
Mariah has to travel to Vegas for work quite often and doesn’t fly commercial. That’s why she travels with a private jet which costs her about $6,000 per one-way trip!

Hotel in Las Vegas:
When in Vegas Mariah only wants the best of the best so she always stays at the Nobu Villa at the Nobu Hotel in Caesar’s Palace. It’s top secret in which room she sleeps but were sure it’s the best one in the city because she pays $35,000 per night to take a nap in this room. Fun fact: it’s also where her video for “Infinity” was shot.

Rental in Aspen: 
Skiing is something Mariah loves to do with her family. She enjoys watching her offspring have fun in the snow. To house her whole family in Aspen she often rents lavish houses which are probably off-limits for us mere mortals. If you do want to splurge you might want to consider this house for $950 a night.

Can’t get enough of all Mariah’s luxuries? Her reality show Mariah’s World premiers  this Sunday, December 4th at 9pm on E!

Are you going to watch Mariah Carey and all her luxuries in her new TV-show? 

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