Carving your brows is the newest trend on Instagram

carved brows

Your brows make or break your entire makeup-look and with this new trend you’ll (without a doubt) steal the show, wherever you go!

There have been quite a few brow trends over the years. We have seen Feather brows , then barbed wire brows, followed by dragon brows.

But now there’s a new trend in town and it’s taking over Instagram by storm. Makeup artists are taking brow art to another level with this new trend: Carved Brows.

This creative edged-out look was ‘invented’ by a Austin, Texas-based makeup artist named Alexa Link. Her new bold eyebrow look got discovered by Allure after Alexa posted a picture on social media that went viral. It got over 11,000 likes and tons of comments.

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Since the viral post lots of other makeup artists have posted their own twist to Alexa’s brow art. One even created a carved lip!

It looks kind of weird but awesome at the same time, don’t you think? Even though we can’t stop looking at these beautiful pictures, we think we’ll just stick to our normal brow routine. Though, we are somewhat curious and are wondering what the next trend in Brow-land might be.

Would you ever try this carved brow look?

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