This boyfriend supported his girl in the cutest way!


What better way to master your makeup skills than to practice on your … boyfriend?!That is what this freelance makeup artist from California did with her boyfriend. Tatyanna Snyder is a high school senior who has been painting ‘bf’Jordan’s face quite regularly to become a pro in applying makeup.

When Tatyanna decided to post pictures of the results on Twitter, she instantly gained a lot more likes and followers. Everyone thought that Jordan’s face looked flawless!

What a wonderful boyfriend Jordan is… He not only lets his girlfriend practice her skills on his face, he also books real $50 appointments with her for a total makeover so that Tatyanna can earn some money to go to Coachella next spring:

“He made an appointment with me Saturday for a full beat, glitter lashes and all. It just made my heart feel warm that he even did that for me”, Tatyanna told BuzzFeed.

If that’s not love, then what is?!

Would your boyfriend let you practice your makeup skills on his face?

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  1. Giora December 12, 2016

    That is so sweet of him! I Wish my boyfriend would do that for me too


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