9 holiday gift sets brown beauties need to add to their wish list this year


Are you a woman of color and do you have difficulties finding the right cosmetics? If you have a darker skin tone, here’s a list of products you’ll want to add to your wish list this year!

There are a lot of makeup brands that don’t carry products with darker shades, so more than often it’s a challenge to find that perfect foundation or eye shadow that matches your complexion.  If you have a darker skin tone it’s hard enough when you’re looking for beauty products for yourself, so let’s make it a little easier for our loved ones who want to surprise us during the holidays this year.  That’s why I’m sharing a few awesome products to give you a few options for your wish list:

1. Laura Mercier Going Glam Palette ($56)


2. Sephora More Than Meets the Eye Eye Shadow Palette ($36)


3. Haircredible Curly Fro Definition Kit ($60)


4. By Terry Impearlious Ombre Blackstar Gift Set ($155)


5. Sarah Moon For Nars Cosmetics Mind Game Mini Velvet Lip Glide Coffret ($45)


6. Lorac Evening Soiree Light Source & Color Source Duo Gift Set ($28)


7. Bobbi Brown Bobbi to Glow Shimmer Brick Palette ($69)


8. Carol’s Daughter Monoi Invincible Holiday Value Set ($45)


9. Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture Custom Hair Masque Cocktail Kit ($38)


Which beauty products are on your wishlist this year?

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