7 ways to deal with your horrible migraines


Migraines are no joke and they are nothing like a normal headache. It often feels like your head is exploding and you can’t do anything about it. Yet there are some things you can do to deal with these awful migraines. 

1. Track your migraines
The first thing you can do to is find out if there’s a pattern in which your pains return. Some people notice they suffer from migraines notebook often when they stress. Some women even get them around their menstrual cycle. So grab a journal and write down the events (good or bad) around the moments you start to feel a migraine coming up again.

2. Try to eliminate stress
Did you know that there are direct connections between the pain pathways which are activated during a migraine and the parts of your brain that control emotions? Therefore stress, anxiety and depression can actually be the cause of your migraines. In this case some people turn to meditation to deal with their emotions others get prescribed medication from their doctors.

3. A clean stomach = a clean head
Some researchers claim that by eating clean your head automatically copies the good habit. By eliminating processed foods from your diet it’s said that your migraines should be less painfull or even come less often. So say goodbye to sweets, cupcakes, that daily glass of Liquor 43 and all your other guilty food pleasures.

4. Medicine can help, but…
There are lots of different pain relievers that you can get through your doctor. Some people cannot get through their attacks without them, but did you know that these meds could also cause rebound headaches? So therefore it’s wise not to use too many and consult with your doctor what works for you. You don’t want another migraine attack after the one you’re having now, do you?!

5. Meet the Migraine Hat 
When you feel a migraine coming up it sometimes helps to put an icepack on your head. But Lord knows it’s darn annoying to be holding it while your working or you have to go to store to get groceries in order to cook dinner for your family. That’s when this  Migraine Hat comes is super handy. It’s a sleeve you can wrap around your head, in which an icepack is hidden. Halleluja… hours of pain relieve awaits us!

6. Avoid turtlenecks and grandma’s fluffy knitted sweater
What a lot of people do not know is that getting too hot (and not in a sexual way, lol) is one of the triggers that can cause migraines. So make sure you don’t sweat bullets and stop layering up too much. Throw out that cute Chrismas sweater mee-maw knitted you twenty years ago. As sweet as is was for her to put in all the work that swaeter may be the root of all evil!

7. Relax
One of the things we (‘migrainians’) do is worry about our attacks. We instantly get into worry mode because we can’t have that migraine now… We have so much to do and our boss will kill us if we call in sick again. But you know what?! Eff that! It’s not something you can avoid, nor do you have special powers to make it disappear. So just relax…take it as it comes. When you worry about a million other things it’ll only make the pain worse.

What do you do to deal with your migraines?


I am not a medical doctor therefore I cannot give medical advice
. The information presented herein is not presented with the intention of diagnosing or treating any disease or condition. This information is for educational purposes only. No responsibility is assumed by the author nor anyone connected with this website for the use of this information and no guarantees of any kind are made for the effectiveness of the recommendations provided. If you believe you are suffering from migraines, I advice you to go see your doctor. He or she may know exactly how to treat it.

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