5x Best Law Of Attraction Books To Read

Best Law of Attraction Books

They say that through books your’ll find the answers to some of life’s toughest questions. Well, I can tell you that’s absolutely true! These are some of the books that gave me a totally new and refreshed outlook on life and helped me get happier in general!

What exactly is the Law Of Attraction?

So some of you may be wondering  what  the Law Of Attraction is exactly. To keep it clear and simple: it’s the natural law that says that everything you think about will manifest in your physical life in some way or another. So that means that if you think about negative stuff, that’s exactly the kind of experiences you will face in your life. But when you focus on positive thoughts, you will find that more and more positive experiences will show up.

And yes, I know it sounds effin’ cliche. But I’m the perfect example that the law of attraction is a very real law, just like gravity. I have been through some hard times myself. Seven years ago I had lost my mom (who was my best friend and rock in life). Right after, my father and sister turned their backs on me. On top of that,  I didn’t have a significant other to fall back on. Also, the fact I wasn’t a mom yet made me feel increadably alone. It’s sad, but I was convinced I had nothing to live for and that started to show. I gained a lot of weight, the eczema I had a child started to come back and even my migraines started to get worse.

But somehow a little voice inside of me told me this wasn’t all life had to offer and that there was going to come a time that This Too Shall Pass. That quote became my mantra and  so my spiritual journey began…

It all started with a book my mom bought about two years before her passing and that somehow ended up on my bookshelf:

1.  The Secret (Rhonda Byrne)

This book was my introduction with The Law Of Attraction. I must admit that it didnt really sunk in after the first time of reading. In it writer Rhonda Byrne tells the readers through interviews and examples about how your thoughts become reality. Positive and negative. It just made me aware of the fact that there are a lot of people who believe there’s this ‘force’ that reacts to our thoughts… every single one of them.

But because I was in a very early stage of grieving, I couldnt really understand the message the book was giving. A couple of years later, something reminded me of ‘the book I once read about your thoughts becoming reality‘. Something about it sparked my interest and i started doing some more research on the topic.

2. You Can Heal Your Life (Louise Hay)

Louise L. Hay’s book is the one that really kick-started my path to healing my soul. It brought all the suppressed traumas and bruises from experiences in the past to the surface again. That sounds terrifying, I know, but that’s a crucial part of healing your life. There might be some shit you had to deal with back in the day which you don’t really want to think about anymore. But did you know that suppressing them may cause physical illness?! This book gave me lots of insight especially when it comes to depression and skin problems.

3. A New Earth (Eckhart Tolle)

I accidentally stumbled upon this book at a flea market for only fifty cents. Who knew it would be such a huge influence in my life years later?

This book helped me understand to what extent my thoughts effected my state of being. It was mind-blowing to realize that my state of happiness could be changed by the way I was thinking. But to be honest it took me two times of reading the book before I started to really understand Eckhart’s message.

In A New Earth, writer Eckhart Tolle shows us how our ego-based state of consciousness not only directly influences our personal happiness, but also how it can end conflict and suffering throughout the world.  The book tells us how our ego-based thoughts creates emotions like anger, jealousy, and unhappiness. But no worries, Eckart also shows us what we can do to overcome those thoughts and have a whole new outlook on life. How beautiful is that?!

Oh and another reason you should definitely read this book: it was one of the books that was featured in Oprah’s Book Club!

4. Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)

I am no stranger to financial distress and this book gave me a good insight in my spending habits. It helps you understand why you make certain financial choices and what you can do to make better decisions concerning money.

The title of the book makes you think that it’s only purpose is to help you get a six or seven figured bank account. But that’s not at all the case. Napoleon Hill lets us know that the philosophies he shares in this book can help us on a all aspects of our life.

5. E² (Pam Grout)

Lately I haven’t been reading that much but I’m glad I ordered this book on Amazon. It is written in a brilliantly funny and relatable way. Pam Grout knows how to really engage her readers by providing them with nine DIY energy experiments to prove that the mind is more powerful than we think. There are a lot of funny anecdotes that help to make such a serious (and sometimes heavy) subject a little lighter and more understandable.


What books about the Law Of Attraction do you think everyone should read?

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