5 Things everyone with a lip balm addiction recognizes

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Lip balm is an absolute must in your morning routine, but for some of us it doesn’t stop there! If you are one of those people you will recognize these 5 things like no other!

It’s like a habit… you keep going through what seems like a billion jars and tubes of lip balm each month. You just cant stand the feeling of ‘bare’ lips and keep smearing layers of that good stuff on there.

But did you know you’re not alone in this? There are lots of people who, like you, can’t stop rubbing some kind of balm on their lips. That’s why Dutch dermatologist, Professor Coenraads, started researching this phenomenon. According to him our lips are not the ones in desperate need of a good rub-a-dub-dub. It’s our brain who’s trickin’ us!

It’s the motion of rubbing your lips is what’s ‘addicting’ it can become a habit and therefore your brain is kind of tricking you into thinking your lips need a little 9of a lotta) extra love.

So yes… We know all about it and understand these next five things all too well. Girl, we know what you’re going through because we have a lip balm addiction as well!

1. You can’t have too much lip balm
Everywhere you go, you take your lip balm with you. You are terrified that you end up somewhere without a tube or jar within reach and no stores that sell your favorite brand in a 5 mile radius. You would start licking your lips but that would only dry them out even more. You’d go insane. That’s why you always stock up. Especially when they are on sale. You are most likely to clear out the whole store!

2. You keep lip balm E-VE-RY-WHERE!
In your bag, on your nightstand, in the bathroom, in your car… Heck! Even in your drawer at work! Wherever you are, there’s probably a jar of balm lying around somewhere! And everyone who knows about your addiction knows not to touch them!

3. You will only use your favorite brand of lip balm
It’s not a joke and you are not imagining things… The only thing that helps to soften your dry lips is that one balm, from that one brand, from that one store…
Yes, you only use a specific balm and will always stick to it. Well, at least until it stops working for you!

4. You’d rather wear just lip balm than any kind of lipstick at all
No matter how pretty that color of lipstick is, if you don’t have lip balm on you to put on your lips first… No lipstick is ever going to make it on your lips. You’d feel like your lips are slowly dying the most horrible death known to mankind and that’s why you’d rather finish your full face of makeup with a thick layer of lip balm than one of your 1001 shades  of (hardly ever used) lipsticks.

5. You don’t even realize you’re rubbing balm on your lips anymore
Like we said before: it’s a habit. Whenever you’re lips are dry it’s like your brain automatically sends a signal to your fingers. It’s kinda like breathing: you can’t control it… it just happens.

So how can we become un-addicted to lip balm?
The answer is simple: just stop rubbing that sh*t on your lips, girlfriend! And yes we know that is easier said than done but if you stick with it, you’ll slowly notice a difference in how your lips feel. It helps if you start by making (gently) scrubbing your lips to take off all the dead skin cells and treating them with a nourishing detox oil afterwards.

And if you do feel like you’re suffering all by yourself, you can always visit Lip Balm Anonymous where you can read all about your ‘addiction’ and be reminded that you’re not the only one with this problem!

Are you also addicted to rubbing lip balm on your lips?

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